The 4th VITA NOVA, 10th – 11th September 2015, was focused on the following main topics: selection of the best embryo, cryopreservation of oocytes, individual perspective on ovarian stimulation, current consensus in management of infertility treatment, cooperation of interclinical disciplines in infertility treatment.

Scientific Program 2015

Thursday 10. 9. 2015


Svätopluk Hlavačka (Slovakia)Health Care Management – interpersonal skills
Zuzana Behúňová (Slovakia)Obesity and fertility
Iveta Stenová (Slovakia)Infertility in common gynaecological practice
Andrea Čurajová (Slovakia)
The effect of age on fertility and gamete quality


Franck Pellestor (France)The role of chromothripsis in the genesis of complex chromosomal rearrangements in human gametes and embryo
Giovanni Coticchio (Italy)Oocyte cryopreservation
Maria José de Los Santos (Spain)Embryo quality and implantation potential: intrinsic variables affecting clinical outcome
Kateřina Veselá (Czech republic)Optimal embryo selection through preimplantation genetic screening methods
Miriama Molčanová (Slovakia)Morphokinetics – non-invasive method of embryo selection
Friday 11. 9. 2015


Colin M. Howles (Switzerland)A history of gonadotrophin development for human fertility treatment and future perspectives
Diego Ezcurra (USA)Gonadotrophins in ART: Myths & Facts
Omar Josef Shelb (Austria)Benefit of HP-HMG versus rFSH (+ rLH) in the treatment of specific groups of patients
Yves Rio (France)Hysterosalpingography with ct scan for checking infertility


Peter Harbulák (Slovakia)Age and ovarian reserve
Silvester Galo (Slovakia)Management of endometriosis in terms of sterility
Peter Krajkovič (Slovakia)When the sperm analysis is not enough...
Peter Harbulák (Slovakia)Management consensus of couples with fertility problems for clinical practice


Karin Malíčková (Czech republic)Current Diagnostic and Treatment Strategies in Reproductive immunology
Katarína Bergendiová (Slovakia)Reproduction disorders and therapy options for antiphospholipid syndrome
Žaneta Dzurillová (Slovakia)Treatment with intravenous lipid emulsions for recurrent pregnancy loss
Jaroslav Fábry (Slovakia)Topic: Diabetes and infertility treatment
Elena Tibenská (Slovakia)Immunological factors in reproduction disorders


Róbert Dankovčík (Slovakia)First-trimester foetal cardiac examination
Vladimír Ferianec (Slovakia)Sonography in treatment of an intrauterine patient
Marián Križko, jr. (Slovakia)OHVIRA syndrome
Martin Gábor (Slovakia)Anteroposterior measurements of the foetal adrenal gland volume as a 2D ultrasound marker for prediction of preterm birth

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