Dear Colleagues,

In the name of all who cooperated in organizing the 5 th International Educational Event VITA NOVA
I would like to thank you for accepting our invitation.
With joint effort of organizers, speakers, sponsors and dear guests I hope we spent a pleasant day
beneficial and inspiring for our further work.
Let me wish you all the best and I look forward to meeting you at the 6 th International Educational
Event VITA NOVA in 2019!

Yours faithfully,
MUDr. Peter Harbulák, PhD.

Dear colleagues,

wisdom constitutes a long-lasting and intricate process of acquiring practical and theoretical knowledge.

VITA NOVA“ opens up space for eff ective and superior cognition by mutual information exchange, mediation of research and project results in gynaecology, urology and first of all in assisted reproduction at European level. At the very same time, this event constitutes a chance for personal contacts among colleagues, establishing co-operations as well as intensifying good relations.

MUDr. Peter Harbulák, PhD.